New Radio Project Archives

As part of my work with Independent Arts & Media, I produce, edit and broadcast a half-hour radio programs based on Shaping San Francisco‘s marvelous Talks! series down at CounterPulse in SF.

The show airs on KUSF-FM on Thursdays at 10:30 p.m. Each half-hour episode features one or several panelists from a given evening’s talk, plus expansive, audience-led dialogue and inquiry.

You can access the first dozen episodes via our new audio archive:

  • Shaping SF Radio: Indy Arts home page
  • Learnin’ & Teachin’: The Future of Education (four parts)
  • The Green City (three parts)
  • San Francisco Land Grabs (two parts)
  • The Health Epidemic & Eroding Public Health (three parts)
  • Can San Francisco Feed Itself? (three parts)
  • Reclaiming Bay Area Military Bases (two parts)
  • What’s Natural About Natural Disasters? (four parts)
  • America & the Philippines (two parts)
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