Do You Think It’s “Newsy” Enough?

No comment here, except to note that first covered this story in 2002 (both the Unocal and Chevron angles), reprised it in 2004, and even did a loosey-goosey blog-style overview last week, given the Myanmar crackdown.

So, finally, the SF Chronicle notices there’s an elephant in the living room — or anyway, an oil company (or two) in its backyard (Chevron is based in SF, and Unocal just west of the city in San Ramon) — that’s linked to a front-page story on democracy and repression in Southeast Asia:

“Chevron’s links to Burma stir critics to demand it pull out”
San Francisco Chronicle, October 4, 2007

And you know what?

It’s a good article.

Better late than never.

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