The Unreality of “Comcasttown”

I recently came across a link to a bizarre ad for Comcast. One media-reformer colleague was “fascinated and disturbed” by all the “acid-trip freaky shit” … take a gander, boys and girls, at the alternative reality known as Comcasttown.

It is indeed fascinating — a glib bit of commercialist propaganda. It’s all so chirpy and friendly. “The Happiest Place on Earth” from hell. Poppy guitars, cheerful handclaps. All you need is Comcast and your life is fulfilled and colorful and squirrels play guitar.

What a deceptive divergence from reality. It really treats the viewer like a child, who needs to be lulled into passivity. Such is the “unreality” of the immersive online commercial milieu.

There is no global waming in Comcasttown. There are no terrorists in Comcasttown. There are no homeless people in Comcasttown — they’ve all been empowered w/ their iPhones and have used microloans to start cottage industries and build up their savings and buy their first “starter” homes. Oh yea, and there’s no subprime mortgage crisis or global recession in Comcasttown.

You know, I think once you settle down into Comcasttown, the Resident Evil virus is gonna make an appearance, and suddenly you’ll find out the ugly truth about living in a company town …

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