Three Profiles from the WeMedia Conference

Here are three profiles I knocked out for the WeMedia folks. The occasion was their annual conference in Miami — and a fine affair it was, full of great folks and interesting, inspiring dialogue. (Also loved the push to expand ideas about innovation in media.)

“To The Rescue: The American Red Cross Online”
How does a classic “legacy” nonprofit with a mission as urgent as ever adapt to the emerging online medium? Just fine, thank you very much.

“Francois Ragnet Deconstructs the Document”
Francois is a fascinating individual, working at Xerox, with some great ideas about how documents are becoming at once dis-integrated and evergreen in the online medium.

“Tom Stites and the Banyan Project: The Forest for the Trees”
Stites is a colleague and mentor. Banyan is pushing forward an idea about a consumer co-op for journalism; may it sprout and effoliate!

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