March 23, 2024

Fabulist news: Readers’ Choice, chapbooks, flash fiction

Plenty happening over at The Fabulist. The rundown, in brief:

We publish a new print chapbook each month. We’re calling the imprint Fabulist Editions. Check out our online bookstore, or subscribe via Patreon.

The Legere Prizes are our first-ever Readers’ Choice awards. Two rounds of voting, 38 contenders, 11 finalists, and our first- through third-place winners (with a solid tie for second).

In early summer we’ll be launching our new digital-subscription service, The Fabulist Flash. We have 40 sparklingly great flash-fiction stories (up to 1,000 words) under contract — fantasy, science fiction, weird tales, surrealism, mood pieces, magic realism, and post-genre mashups — and are currently rebuilding our website and developing new art for the forthcoming debut. I can’t even begin to describe how excited we are about his.

To keep up with The Fabulist’s happenings, including our latest Fabulist Editions chapbooks, our current free reads, and the forthcoming launch of The Fabulist Flash, you can subscribe to our email newsletter, or follow us on Instagram, Facebook, BlueSky or Mastodon.

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