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The case for New Public Media

By reader / June 14, 2010 / 0 Comments

It is a curious thing, in an era of revolutionary change in the media landscape, that journalists and editors have gained so little. The Internet has been a boon for citizen media. It’s like Neal Postman’s pre-telegraph America, the original media convergence of spoken word and written text. The Lyceums and Chautauquas, the newspapers and […]

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Crosspost: “Infrastructure vs. Institutions” via Free Press

By reader / January 26, 2010 / 0 Comments

The good folks at Free Press gave me a li’l soapbox on their blog. I took the opportunity to mouth off about journalism institutions vs infrastructure, a familiar topic to readers of Illuminated Media. Here’s a teaser — read the rest on SaveTheNews: Institutions or Infrastructure? The Real Opportunity for Online Journalism and Democracy […]

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New News Co-ops: Evolution Happens

By reader / October 22, 2009 / 3 Comments

Once shunned for its suspiciously reddish tinge, the word “cooperative” may have regained utility, and credibility, in the vocabulary of journalism business models. As the newly formed Chicago News Cooperative appears to demonstrate, it’s not just a way of organizing journalists when the traditional model is failing; it’s also a means for undercapitalized commercial media […]

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Noted: The Executive Pay Question

By reader / October 9, 2009 / 0 Comments

From the Columbia Journalism Review, a comment on executive pay and the startup-funding issues that confront small, nonprofit-news projects (such as my own endeavor): “Newsosaur Alan Mutter [noted] that Paul Steiger, the editor in chief of the non-profit news startup Pro Publica, earned a $570,00 salary in 2008. Mutter compared that situation to the […]

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Guest Post: “The Argument for Network Neutrality (a.k.a. ‘The Commons’)”

By reader / August 20, 2009 / 2 Comments

By Jeff Gerhardt, Ronin Geek [EDITOR’S NOTE: Gerhardt, whose early career found him helping midwife the Internet in its ARPA days, says that attempts to portray Net Neutrality as “socialist” are distortions of history. In fact, he writes: The Internet is by nature and intent open-source, peer-driven, fundamentally entrepreneurial, and thus Net Neutrality is as […]

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Social Entrepreneurship: A False Promise?

By reader / August 3, 2009 / 0 Comments

Here’s an interesting parallel to the struggle to advance a new journalism practice: Energy research. The status quo of both energy and journalism are recognized worldwide as desperately in need of innovation. Much, in both fields, is said of the power of the entrepreneur in advancing that innovation. Yet support for such innovation remains, it […]

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